Thank you for visiting! Below you can find my temporary Demo Reel (waiting for some HD files) and my resume. Feel free to check out my other tabs to see what I’ve been up to!

Eric Malczewski (Mal-cheh-ski)
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 892-5069

Freelance Sound Editing & Mixing

Elite Forever (2016) – Directed by Trent Monahan
Documentary Edit, Sound Edit

Stay at Home Mom, Season 2 (2016 Web Series)
Location Sound, Sound Design

Curse of Midnight (2016) – Directed by Aitor Uribarri
Boom Operator

Quest for Crunch (2015) – Doritos Commercial Submission
Location Sound, Sound Design
Quest for Crunch on Youtube

• Multiple TV Spots for “Ring Video Doorbell”
• The New Mart Network promotional interviews and podcasts

Weekender (2015) – Directed by Chad Corhan
Sound Design, Effects, Dialogue, Foley, Mix

Lucky Strike (2015) – Directed by Tayler Nicholson
Sound Design, Effects, Dialogue, Foley, Mix

The Legend of Kenny Hobbs (2015) – Directed by Joseph Horne
Sound Design, Effects, Dialogue, Foley, Mix

Peace of Mind (2014) – Directed by David Gutel
Boom Operator, Sound Design, Effects, Dialogue, Mix
Peace of Mind IMDB
BTS: Peace of Mind BTS Video

Work in Progress (2014) – Directed by Eric Mulker
Sound Design, Effects, Dialogue, Mix

A Prickly Situation (2014) – Directed by David Gutel
Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Mix
A Prickly Situation on Youtube

110 Pine (2013) – Directed by Kyle Brawley & David Gutel
Sound Design, Effects, Dialogue
110 Pine on Youtube

Affiliations & Awards

  • Student Member of Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE)
  • CSULB President’s Honor List (3 Years)
  • CSULB Ice Hockey Chris Northy Spirit Award
  • Graduated Cum Laude and with Film Department Honors

Technical Skills


Software: Pro Tools 10/11, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Cycling ’74 MAX/MSP, Izotope RX4, Mac OSX, Windows

Audio Hardware: Sound Devices 442, Sound Devices 702, Edirol R44, Zoom H4n/H6, M-Audio FastTrack Interface series, various Digidesign control surfaces

Misc: Experience with variety of recording environments. Experience preparing and executing foley/ADR sessions. Experience editing sound effects, backgrounds, dialogue and mixing.


California State University, Long Beach – Graduated 2015

Bachelor’s Degree in Audio Production.

  • 5 Years Ice Hockey
  • 3 Years Laptop Ensemble – 2 Week residency at La Mama Umbria near Spoleto, Italy with 4 nights of performances, providing music and soundscapes to accompany theatre performances through live compositions and audio engineering using Cycling ’74 MAX/MSP